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Become a Brassmonkey


In 2009 we asked our friends and subscribers for their ideas in raising funds, and enough of them mentioned a Friends' scheme for us to think that it would be well worth setting up. The idea is to make a small annual contribution to our work in return for helping to keep one of the most singular theatre companies in the world.


We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of a huge number of friends, sponsors, business partners and, most valued of all, punters. Well, now we are asking for MORE help from you. Yes that’s how BRASS NECKED we are, we’re getting down to BRASS TACKS. We’re asking you to MUCK in, and give us some of your hard-earned BRASS. You won’t be BRASSED OFF with the BRASSY pleasures you’ll be getting in return.


Got the message? Enough BRASS puns now?


Sign up - you know it’ll make you feel GOOOOOOOOD........


Yours sincerely,

Toby Park

Aitor Basauri

Petra Massey

Spymonkey Artistic Directors




Being a


costs £30 per year. Benefits include:


  • priority booking for all Spymonkey shows
  • 10% discounts on Spymonkey merchandise
  • a membership pack including a BADGE OF HONOUR
  • sneak previews of Spymonkey videos and music tracks
  • inclusion in the BRASSmonkey roll of honour on our website and programme




Being a


costs £150 per year, and gives you all the benefits of a Brassmonkey plus:


  •     a discount of 20% off Spymonkey workshops (worth up to £50!)
  •     inclusion in the SILVERMONKEY roll of honour on our website and programme






costs £300 per year, and makes you an extremely big spymonkey-cheese indeed. Additionally to the BRASSmonkey benefits you will have the pleasure of:


  • inclusion in the GOLDmonkey roll of honour on our website and programme (and in the case of corporate GOLDmonkeys, a link and logo on our well-visited website)
  • a backstage tour for you and your guests - an insiders’ glimpse into the secret world of Spymonkey
  • personalised ringtone or voicemail message from one of the Spymonkeys


To Join:

Email us with your name and postal address.


You may make payment by the following means:


1: By PayPal (takes you to a different page in another tab/window)











2: A cheque made out to Spymonkey and sent to:




The Old Market

11a Upper Market Street

Hove BN3 1AS

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