14th June 2020 @ 10:00 am – 20th June 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Celebration Barn, Maine
Masterclass with Spymonkey’s Aitor Basauri
Celebration Barn, Maine
To reserve a place go to the Celebration Barn website: http://www.celebrationbarn.com/event/spymonkeys-creating-clown-material-2020/

How do you make a show from scratch? This workshop is designed to understand the process from early conception through to production.

In this workshop we open up our creative toolbox and show you how to create material from the smallest seed of an idea, how our greatest ideas are right under our noses (if only we knew how to look), how to build a number or scene and how to keep the work fresh both in rehearsal and in performance. We look at the context of the spaces we are creating for – large and small theatre spaces, cabaret, variety, street theatre, circus. We investigate the fundamentals – use of costume, props, lighting and sound. And we explore more advanced concepts – writing tools, devising games, character, group dynamics, status, narrative, dramatic structure, musicality and physicality.

Spymonkey have over 15 years of experience in creating devised shows with leading directors: Cal McCrystal (Mighty Boosh, Peepolykus, National Theatre’s ‘One Man Two Guvnors’), Jos Houben (Theatre du Complicite, The Right Size, École Jacques Lecoq Paris), Emma Rice (artistic director of Kneehigh) and Paul Hunter (artistic director of Told By An Idiot).

“I’ve done three Spymonkey workshops…I’m always banging on about Spymonkey. Whatever, I think they’re totally inspiring.” – LUCY HOPKINS creator of LE FOULARD, winner Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre and Best Performer Awards, Prague Fringe Creative Award.

Register by May 1st and receive a $50 Early Bird Discount. A 10% discount is available to individuals registering for more than one workshop. (If registering for multiple workshops prior to May 1st, select either the Early Bird or 10% Multiple Workshops Discount.) See the registration form for details.

NOTE: There are no discounts for Residencies.


Since their inception in 1998 Spymonkey have created some of the most outstandingly original comedy theatre, including STIFF, COOPED, MOBY DICK, OEDIPUSSY, ZUMANITY (for Cirque du Soleil), JEKYLL & HYDE(ISH) (with Lyric Hammersmith) and EVERY LAST TRICK (with Royal & Derngate). TV and stage appearances have seen them work alongside Sacha Baron Cohen, Miranda Hart, Sandi Toksvig,Ronnie Corbett, Fiona Shaw and Nick Frost. Widely acknowledged as world leaders in the field of clown and physical comedy, they are keenly sought as teachers, consultants and directors for their insight and experience in creating brilliant, original and singular work.
Aitor talks about clown
“I do theatre because it is fun because it makes me live life twice and I love life! The clown lives in a fantastic theatrical world. For an actor the clown stimulates a fresh immediacy full of pleasure and mischief. It is this brimming pleasure that fills the performer and touches an audience. The audience in turn feel they are watching something very special and unique because the clown is generous, sharing with them their most intimate vulnerability, fun and unique personality. The performer who dares to stand before a crowd, unafraid to make mistakes and find pleasure in being wonderfully silly will reap fruitful rewards. In Spymonkey we strongly believe that it is in this moment that the seed for the best performances can begin. Once up there in front of the audience, that pleasure will take you from one funny mistake to the next, always happy, always optimistic o be playing in front of the audience. By being joyful, playful, curious, mischievous and full of fantasy you will find funny opportunities. ”
Jane Nichols / professor, Yale School of Drama/WU
“Aitor has boundless energy. He loves what he teaches and he loves to teach. Aitor’s easy, even temperament is as genuine and reassuring as it is compelling and empowering. His enthusiasm for what he does is evident and contagious. He approaches his students as he approaches the material … with humor, with clarity and authority, with knowledge, and with profound respect. Just as he and the other members of the remarkable Spymonkey approach weighty, sometimes perverse or tragic material with humor and a touch of grace, so to, as Aitor approaches a student’s despair or resistance or personal tragedy he applies the same humor and grace. That his professional work aligns dignity with absurdity is testimony to his genius as an artist. That he, as an artist, is dedicated to eliciting that same sensibility from his students is testimony to his depth as a humanist, – and to his commitment to education.”


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